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…in July 2009 with a $4 three-ring binder, a word document and a simple idea.  Small business owners were still waiting for the economy to hit rock bottom and advertising dollars were being zapped by lease payments and payroll. Internet marketing…

Our professional SEO package is full-service! Basically you give use your username and password so we can make all the necessary changes to improve your website rankings.

There are many factors why your business is not showing up in the local search engine. Here are 10 reasons that could contribute to this. 1. You’re business is not listed with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Best of the web etc.. 2. You have not claimed your…

Our process is related to who we are. The fact that we’re a small company with a vast experience, having built 1000+ websites over many years, and the fact that ALL the members of our team have been with the company over 10 years makes our…

Blue Atlas is a full service marketing and development firm serving the Greater Houston area with an in-house technical team. Our wide variety of experience and capabilities allow us to serve many industries and types of clients – online and offline!